Wednesday 25 May 2011

Kiru Taye on Why She Writes Romance Fiction

Any time you pause at the roadside book seller in Marina, Lagos or on Douglas Road, Owerri, you are sure to find lying next to Better Lovers, How to Satisfy Your Woman, and 90% Pleasure Tips, this kind of sap: a colourful book cover with an all-round muscled man whose torso makes you think of crags and a smoky-eyed girl so barely dressed you can completely undress her with a puff of breath. It’s all so kitschy, right?

Thank God, Nigerians now have the opportunity of reading good quality romance novels authored, especially by Nigerians.

Myne Whitman kick-started this revival; now, Kiru Taye is just about set to launch off from her pad with a scintillating debut romance novel! It is a wonderful thing that is happening to Nigerian literature as Kiru Taye tells us how she ended up writing romance novels. KT, as she is fondly called, sees herself as an aspiring author of passionate romance novels set in Africa.

“I am an avid reader first and foremost," she says. "As a young girl growing up in Nigeria I read just about every novel I could lay my hands on. If you ask my brother he’ll tell you I always had my face stuck in a book as a teenager. As an adult my reading list is certainly more discerning but I still read a lot. Growing up, the books provided a form of escape from the drama that was my parents’ marriage break up (as the first child I bore the brunt of that war) and transported me to various exotic locations across the world. However, the stories that struck a chord with me the most where the romantic ones because no matter the adversities the hero and heroine had to endure, they always pulled through in the end.

“So when finally I decided to fulfil my childhood dream and write fiction novels, it stood that I would fall back to the kind of stories that I loved as a child and still love as an adult. I write mainly to entertain people. If one of my stories provides an escape for a person having a tough day or respite for anyone ploughing through the drudgery of daily life then I’ll be a happy person."

The image on the right represents KT. It is called Free Spirit and is courtesy of Richard Young at

You can read some of Kiru Taye’s work at She currently lives in the United Kingdom with her very own alpha hero husband and two children. Her first full length novel will be published later this year.


  1. Awesome! I love KT's works. Sooo earnestly waiting for her book to come out...she captures the romance so well in her writings. Although her writing style is unique to her, I see some traces of Nora Roberts with a mix of Lisa Kleypas, one of my fave authors. And what makes her work so much interesting is that it features Nigerian characters dealing with issues that are not too sobering to make it a dampening read. You know, the kind of problems that won't leave you depressed, so that you have a nice and well-enjoyable soft read.

  2. Thanks Lara Daniels for such a heartwarming compliment of KT's writing. Good to have Naijan romance literature, real issues and real characters...

  3. KT is a fantastic writer of her chosen genre, romance. I, too, was an avid reader as a child and still read voraciously whenever I can snatch the time amidst 'grown-up' responsibilities. I devoured romantic novels growing up and know a thing or two about them so it's fantastic to see a novelist aptly catching all the emotions, intrigue and plotting with relatable Nigerian/African characters.

    KT is one to watch!

  4. @thewordsmythe, think we should have more Nigerian writers in this genre, there are a lot of soppy stuff being passed off as the real least we have KT and Myne...hope you too gonna try your hands on romance fiction?

  5. Kiru is an inspiration, a great writer a great friend and a great help with the proverbial kick up the B... when my writing needs it. She's introduced me to a whole new field to explore.

  6. Ah, well done Kiru :-) You know I'm a great fan!

  7. Kiru is not just a great writer, she's a wonderful encourager. I look forward to reading her books.

  8. @All, this is good camaraderie, what we struggling writers so desire in this crazy world! best of luck to all

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments. Reading is my number one passion but writing is fast overtaking it. With writers like you guys around I am definitely in good company.
    Although I had started working on my first manuscript by the time I read Myne's A Heart to Mend, it definitely gave me encouragement and inspiration to see another Nigerian author writing romance. Plus, I think it's such a great time to be a writer with the rise in popularity of e-books and audio books.

  10. What a great statement, Kiru - and I totally agree with you when you say: "If one of my stories provides an escape for a person having a tough day or respite for anyone ploughing through the drudgery of daily life then I’ll be a happy person."

    I feel exactly the same and I have been made so very happy (and so proud) to have letters from readers who have told me how my books have helped them through difficult or sad times. It's a wonderful feeling to know that.

    Wishing you every success with your writing in the future


  11. Oh Wow! Kate, thank you so much. I am honoured. You and other great romance authors inspired me to write. It's so good to be in such great company.